A Few Tips for Blackjack

For those who are just beginning to gamble, and in particular learning to play Blackjack, some tips and tricks can be helpful to get the most fun, and hopefully winnings, out of the game.

Choose a table with a low minimum bet – Your bet per hand should never be more than 5% of your total bankroll so that you time and opportunity to start winning before your bankroll runs out. A high minimum bet table will see you going home empty-handed.

Never split 10’s – While the temptation to play two hands may be great it is wiser to stay with what you have. After all, 20 is almost 21!

8’s always, 5’s never – Never split a pair of 5’s. A pair of 8’s should always be split unless the dealer is showing a 10.

Split aces – Always split aces to give you two chances of getting 21 i.e. a blackjack

Stay with 17 – When you have 17 stay with it and the dealer will have to stick to 17 too. Given the odds of getting a 5 or higher are more than the odds of getting a 4 or less you should always stick with 17.

Stick with a single deck – If given a choice of a single deck or two or more you should always choose a one deck game. The odds increase in favor of the house with each additional deck. If the only two choices are 6 or 8 decks, always opt for the 6 deck game.

Table rules vary so the more user-friendly the rules are the better for you. The surrender rule, ace re-splits, multiple pair splitting and double down after splitting pairs are rules you should specifically look for.

Don’t waste time and concentration looking at other player’s hands because your only real opponent is the dealer.

Some other common sense tips are: don’t gamble drunk and set limits so you don’t bet money you aren’t prepared to lose. There are many other tips you can pick up and use the more you play Blackjack but these ones will certainly give you a starting point.


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